Project Management


“It is a pretty building, full of angular forms and thin soaring roofs. It’s how it looks – how sleek its design. It is how impressive it is – how large it is, how shiny it is, how many people it can hold and how much of glass it contains.”

“It is the old buildings – beautiful and grand. New buildings are just not the same. The buildings from back in the day, that’s real architecture”

“It is space and how it is enclosed. It is how a view is framed, and how a moment is captured in the day. It is how warm a room is on a chilly winter’s night, it is a cool breeze channelled to you on a blazing summer’s afternoon.”

“It how well arranged the windows and doors are; it is the decoration where the sills meet the window pane. It is the paint colour and the tile choice. It is how complex parts all fit together.”

“It is all about fancy drawings, and artsy pictures and maybe even making a building look good. However it is also rational and organic all together.”

“It is man’s respect for nature. It is how well we as a nation fit our structures into the natural world.”

“It is about making a community, and housing social events. It is a place to go to for contact with others, or a place to seek refuge in isolation.”

“It is about being practical and functional and ensuring it meets all it objectives in a sensible way.”


Could it be all the above?

quote from @anarchitect